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About Us

About We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Tucson, AZ

This family photo wonderfully represents expectations verses reality. Only two out of three kids made it in the photo, only two out of four people are having fun doing the pose asked of us, and not everyone felt the need to smile. The vision I had in my head when this was taken is definitely not what is in the picture but, I love it and looking back this picture is better than the one I had envisioned.

This photo is like life. I can’t completely remember the fantasy I used to have about the kids and family I would one day have – I just know it never included having a child with special needs and all of the feelings that come with that. It never included the meltdowns, ones that got so bad they required meds to keep her from hurting herself. It never included the feeling of loneliness, for a long time I didn’t know anyone else went through this. I felt like we were trapped in the house unable to go anywhere that might overwhelm her because that would cause her to hurt both herself and others.

My husband found a week-long camp for people with special needs and their families. This changed my life; I was no longer alone because I found my community. Once we got back and things were better, I knew I wasn’t alone anymore. However, the week was over and we were back home facing a lot of the same issues. Then one day, my husband said to me, “You have to see this YouTube video.”

This video changed my life!

I saw something that was like that camp, it was a place where my whole family could be accepted for who we all are and not worry about people’s reactions to her disability. A place we could go anytime and be with others who have been there and understand. After a quick Google search, I realized the closest location was 500 miles away.

It was in that moment that I made the decision to bring this wonderful place to Tucson and create a place where all Tucson families can be accepted for who they are. A place where people understand. “Finally a Place Where You Never Have to Say I’m Sorry.” ®

Our gym includes

  • Suspended equipment with swings for balance and vestibular treatment
  • Crash mats and crash pillows for fun, motor planning, and strength
  • Tunnels & Zip line
  • Trampolines for building leg and core strength
  • Indoor play structure for climbing and increasing playground skills
  • Sensory-based toys

Meet our awesome and friendly staff

Dina Kimmel

Founder of We Rock the
Spectrum Kid's Gym, LLC

Coach Ingrid

Manager at We Rock the
Spectrum Kid's Gym

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